Preludes pour Piano --- Piano por Gershwin G

Preludes pour Piano --- Piano por Gershwin G
Titulo del libro : Preludes pour Piano --- Piano
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 1, 2009
Autor : Gershwin G
Número de páginas : 24
ISBN : B001646INW
Editor : Henle

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Gershwin G con Preludes pour Piano --- Piano

'Some of Gershwin's finest inspirations have not as yet been either published or publicly performed. It is probable that the production of his twenty-four preludes ... will award him a still higher rank in the army of contemporary composers.' In 1925, an admirer thus heralded George Gershwin's ambitious project in Vanity Fair, namely to compose preludes in all keys as Bach and Chopin had done before. On 4 December of the following year, the composer publicly performed five of these pieces. However, the extremely busy darling of Broadway only published the famous three Preludes for Piano (1927) during his lifetime. Henle now presents them for the first time in a state-of-the-art Urtext edition.