I Want to Show You More por Jamie Quatro

I Want to Show You More por Jamie Quatro
Titulo del libro : I Want to Show You More
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 14, 2014
Autor : Jamie Quatro
Número de páginas : 224
ISBN : 080212223X
Editor : Grove Press

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Jamie Quatro con I Want to Show You More

"Passionate, sensuous, savagely intense, and remarkable . . . Moves between carnality and spirit like some franker, modernized Flannery O'Connor."--James Wood, " The New Yorker" "An obsessive first collection that feels like a fifth or sixth. . . . Strange, thrilling, and disarmingly honest."--J. Robert Lennon, "The New York Times Book Review" Sharp-edged and fearless, mixing white-hot yearning with daring humor, Quatro's stories upend and shake out our views on infidelity, faith, and family. Set around Lookout Mountain on the border of Georgia and Tennessee, Quatro's hypnotically revealing stories range from the traditional to the fabulist as they expose lives torn between spirituality and sexuality in the New American South. These fifteen linked tales confront readers with fractured marriages, mercurial temptations, and dark theological complexities, and establish a sultry and enticingly cool new voice in American fiction.